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Have the holidays screwed up your microbiome?

  Are you struggling to grow anaerobes, preserve biological material or control oxygen levels in your process?  We can help!Resolve to upgrade your anaerobe recovery in 2017 or facing a CAP Anaerobe Corrective Action?  Our OxyPRAS® Plus Plates increase recovery of i Read More...

Microbiome or Yours?

 Microbiome work.  Everybody's doing it, but it's not easy.  Learn how Oxyrase, Inc. products make microbiota projects less challenging.Not all microorganisms found in any microbiome are anaerobes, but many are.  Take for instance, the human gut:  one of the hottest fields f Read More...

You say microbiome! We say yes!

These days everyone has a microbiome project.  Let us help you with your proprietary work and unique project.Add Oxyrase® For Agar to your special media and pour your own plates into the novel OxyDish™. The OxyPlates™ you just made will generate their own anaerobic conditio Read More...

Beer and dark chocolate influence gut microbiota

It's the holidays!  Eat, drink and be merry!  Enjoy yourself!You want a healthy gut don't you?Researchers around the world believe our gut microbiome impacts human health.  Belgian scientists discovered dark chocolate drives the presence of a specific bacteria and beer intake was also Read More...

Gut flora dictates weight loss

Happy New Year!  There's always that one nagging New Year's resolution...  We all could stand to lose a few pounds.Danish researchers found some gut bacteria may be responsible for weight loss.  More importantly, your intestinal bacteria determine how much weight you can lose regardle Read More...

Gut microbes combine to cause colon cancer

Researchers recently reported two types of bacteria commonly found in the gut work together to fuel the growth of colon tumors.Bacteroides fragilis and a strain of E. coli damage, inflame the colon and enhance the growth of tumors.  Read the full article here.Check out your Bacteroides level wi Read More...

Microbiome is the forgotten organ

The microbiome has been called the forgotten organ.  It could be the next paradigm shift in science and medicine.  Read the full article here.If you are working with gut bacteria, try OxyPRAS Plus® Plates to increase your recovery of anaerobes.For example, OxyPRAS Plus® Brucel Read More...