Nature's Antioxidant®

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It’s time to experience the new way to protect the flavor of your wine.

Oxyrase® is an alternative to chemical antioxidants used for wine production.
As an enzyme complex found in all living things that use oxygen, we isolate Oxyrase® in our lab to purify and standardize its composition as a natural antioxidant and preservative for consumable products. Oxyrase® is a sterile product, it doesn't contain any bacteria!


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The Anaerobic Process of Wine Fermentation

Many of the nuances of wine are found in flavors generated during fermentation. This may be related to grapes used, the strain of yeast fermenting the juice, and the vintner’s practices. What we do know is that delicate flavors are generated anaerobically. Those flavors can be negatively altered by oxidation. For this reason, every effort is used to keep oxygen from infiltrating wine. Once wine is oxidized, there is no way to reverse the process.

Wine is exposed to oxygen when it is pumped from the fermenter, when it is bottled, and when closures are faulty. Complex processes were developed to overcome these problems. Oxyrase® could simplify these processes, eliminate the problems, and removes oxygen down to very low levels. Wine is a very selective environment: it is anaerobic, it is high in alcohol content, and it has a low pH. Together these conditions stop bacteria from growing in wine. Oxyrase® works in all of these conditions.

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But Oxyrase® can do all of this safely!

Oxyrase is a safe antioxidant in wine (which is naturally selective) making the use sulfites as a preservative to wine unnecessary

So why kick sulfites to the curb?
When adding sulfites to your wine process it could:

  • Impact wine flavor
  • Cause severe respiratory episodes in people with sulfite-sensitive asthma
  • Cause allergic reactions such as hives or digestive problems in people who lack the Sulfite Oxidase enzyme


  • In large doses Sulfur Dioxide (the active chemical ingredient from sulfite additives) can be deadly to humans*
  • In 1986 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned sulfite application used on fresh fruits and vegetables.

*at levels of 100 ppm or more

As Nature’s Antioxidant®, Oxyrase® is the answer to preserving the hard work of harvesting and producingwine—making the addition of sulfites an unnecessary step!

Lab tested and designed to work efficiently over a wide range of pH and temperature, Oxyrase® preserves without chemicals and extends the shelf life of your wine, safely and naturally!

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OXYRASE® What is it & why use it?


Oxyrase® acts as an antioxidant, it reduces oxygen to water. It uses natural substrates found in wine, such as lactate and glucose, as hydrogen donors to reduce oxygen. If not removed, oxygen would react with substances in wine and could change flavor or color of the wine. We isolate Oxyrase® from a GRAS microorganism, which is generally regarded as safe by the FDA. We have petitioned the FDA to recognize Oxyrase® as a GRAS substance. When recognized, Oxyrase® could be used as a food processing aid. It would protect wine, as well as other food products from changes due to oxidation.

We make Oxyrase®  to sell to other manufacturers who include it in their products to extend shelf life. We also make bacteriological media containing Oxyrase® that is used for isolating and growing anaerobe bacteria in hospital laboratories.

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Ready to leave sulfites behind?

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