Meet Hooty Monroe


Who is Hooty Monroe? 
Hooty Monroe is our Technical Specialist at Oxyrase. He's available to answer all of your technical questions, big or small!


Hooty's Background:
Hooty was developed as a way for us to communicate with the customer. We intend for Hooty to be a "greet-able", "meet-able" and an informal character. We want Hooty to be unimposing, friendly and a good listener. Hooty may call upon any member of Oxyrase to answer your question. He has access to people with backgrounds in biotechnology - including microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.


Contacting Hooty:
Feel free to direct your questions, even the ones you may be reluctant to ask, Hooty’s way. Like all of us here at Oxyrase, he would be happy to hear from you and delighted to help. You can ask him anything on our website or on Facebook. Hooty is also available by phone at 1-888-699-3733 Ext. 221. Get in touch with Hooty. He would love to talk "anything anaerobic" with you!