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Are you interested to know how OxyPRAS Plus® Plates compare to Other Plates? Please take a moment to review the following information, as well as the comparison studies submitted by some of our satisfied customers.

   "'s made working with anaerobes a lot easier"                        "Reliable and easy to use.  Pre-reduced is an added benefit"

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OxyPRAS Plus® Plates vs. Other Plates

To isolate and grow anaerobes the literature teaches that you need:

1. An anaerobic environment
2. Chemically reduced media
3. A medium prepared for anaerobes which is Pre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized

Here is how the OxyPRAS Plus® Plates stack up to the competition. Click here to download a pdf summary outlining the full features, advantages and benefits of OxyPRAS Plus® Plates when compared to Other Plates. 


  OxyPRAS Plus® The Competition
Increased Recovery of Injured Cells Evidenced in 90+ articles cited on Google Scholar No Data
Stays Reduced on the Bench Top OxyPRAS Plus® is actively reduced by the Oxyrase® Enzyme System

Non-PRAS: not reduced; already oxidized.

Basic PRAS: passively reduced. Oxidize upon opening package. Do not stay reduced on bench top.

Media Thickness 50% thicker media provides many advantages Limits shelf-life and incubation time.  Easier to tear media when streaking
Extended Shelf-Life

4 months at 2-8°C

Non-PRAS: 70 days at 2-8°C
Basic PRAS: 3 months at 20-25°C
Protected From Blood Lysing Oxyrase® Enzyme System protects the blood from lysing No added protection 
Value Added Pricing Volume discounts available. Easy ordering through Cardinal, ThermoFisher, VWR or directly through Oxyrase, Inc. Non-PRAS: Higher prices without added benefits

Basic PRAS: Higher prices without added benefits 
Unparalleled Customer Service We stand behind all of our products to your satisfaction.  Read about our Exceptional Customer Service.  Customer is responsible for products the moment they are shipped. 
Best Practices We provide the best reliable approach to obtaining desired outcomes.  With OxyPRAS Plus® Best Practice is built in!   

 (Data compiled through review and comparison of commercially available product inserts) 


Large Mississippi Hospital – This study was conducted by a 700+ bed hospital in Mississippi comparing Oxyrase OxyPRAS Plus® Brucella and BBE/KVL Bi-Plates to their existing PRAS media.

For a description of the study please click here.

For a chart of the data collected from the study please click here.


Southern Ohio Medical Center Comparison of Anaerobic Culture Media – This comparison of Oxyrase OxyPRAS Plus® Brucella and KVL to current Non-PRAS media currently used for the general culture of anaerobes was performed by Timothy R. Cassity, Ph.D., Clinical Microbiologist.

For a description of the study and associated data please click here.


Large Ohio Hospital – This is a study conducted in December 2012 by a 700+ bed hospital in Ohio comparing Oxyrase OxyPRAS Plus® Plates and Non-PRAS Plates when utilizing an Anoxomat. Observations made at 24, 48 and 72 hours.

For a chart of the data collected from the study please click here.