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Oxyrase® - Nature's AntiOxidant®



Thank you for visiting the Oxyrase News! We would like to share the latest updates with you below and you can always find all of our news items by clicking here.


Oxyrase, Inc. is proud to host the “Anything Anaerobic Forum” which we hope will become your first resource for any topic that involves antioxidants, anaerobes, oxygen removal, etc. If you would like to go directly to the Forum, click here. Please find highlights of some of the most recent discussions below.

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One of the characteristics that makes the Oxyrase enzyme technology so unique is its virtually limitless use. We are honored to have been cited in more than 1,500 publications. Please take a moment to click here and explore how others have used Oxyrase.

Below are a few custom searches and publications you may be interested in: 

75+ citations for Oxyrase + Injured Cells 

550+ citations for Oxyrase + Fluorescence