Oxyrase® for Agar


Oxyrase® for Agar (OAOxyrase for Agar) is a sterile enzyme formulation that utilizes the Oxyrase® Enzyme System to produce anaerobic conditions in your custom agar.  Oxyrase® For Agar and the OxyDish™ make isolating and growing anaerobes straight forward.  You benefit by saving time and money through increased efficiency eliminating the need for bags, chamber or jars.  

Oxyrase® For Agar is a medium supplement that works in a broad array of agar media and can be used in the pour plate method for enumerating anaerobe bacteria. Simply mix Oxyrase® For Agar into your agar medium and pour into the OxyDish™.  The OxyPlates that you create can be opened and closed repeatedly; regenerating anaerobic conditions again and again. Working with anaerobes has never been easier! The list of microorganisms known to grow in agar supplemented with Oxyrase® For Agar is always growing and can be found here.

Oxyrase® for Agar is available in different configurations for your convenience and has been widely reported for use in several commercially prepared mediums:

Columbia (CNA)

Anaerobic Laked Blood

Brain Heart Infusion

Wilkins Chalgren

Brucella Agar


Eugon Agar

Trypticase Soy (TSA)

Nutrient Agar

Schaedler Agar

Mueller-Hinton Agar

And Many More…


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Oxyrase® for Agar
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Oxyrase® for Agar
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