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An explanation for the underlying technology can be found by clicking on What is Oxyrase? However the simplest explanation for Oxyrase® is that it is a biological oxygen scavenger. Equivalent to a “strong reducing agent,” it removes dissolved oxygen from aqueous, gaseous, and semisolid environments. We offer this product for use directly in your application.

Some highlights of the Oxyrase® technology:

  • Oxyrase®, the substrates and reactants are all natural
  • Wide range of applications
  • Works over a wide range of pH and temperature environments
  • Inert and non­reactive in most applications
  • By-­product of oxygen removal is water
  • Protects against oxidative damage

Review the publications listed on Google Scholar to discover a number of ways others have utilized the Oxyrase® Enzyme System.

We offer this technology in the always expanding line of products found below. Several Oxyrase® products have been optimized for specific applications. Please click on the specific product of interest for a more detailed description. If your application is unique, or your project is in its infancy, you might consider EC-­Oxyrase® as a starting point for oxygen removal or control. EC-Oxyrase® is an excellent all-­purpose product. If you would like to discuss a custom application for Oxyrase not covered below, feel free to contact us.

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