"...a new and convenient approach to working with anaerobes."

                                                      ~ Clinical Lab Products 

 Schaedler OxyPlate 2.0Recently we've made improvements to our original OxyPlates™.

Wet plates are no longer an issue.

Easy to open and close numerous times without damaging anaerobic seal.

New and improved OxyPlates™ have a track on the outside of the base and keys inside the lid that ride on the track.  A silicone OxyPad is provided with OxyPlates™ to facilitate opening and closing of OxyPlates™ or you can simply use gloved hands.

OxyPlates™ generate their own anaerobic environment repeatedly. Prepoured OxyPlates™ are made for the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory.

OxyPlates™ create anaerobic environments in a unique way ... from the plate up. The agar plate is actively reduced by Oxyrase®. Anaerobic microbes put on that surface are protected from oxygen until the environment inside the OxyDish™ is supportive of their growth.

OxyPlates™ offer many advantages over traditional anaerobic methods. Streak the OxyPlate™ and incubate it in a standard incubator aerobically. OxyPlates™ can be opened and closed numerous times regenerating anaerobic conditions.

OxyPlates™ free you from the complications and expenses of bags, jars, anaerobic incubators and chambers. OxyPlates™ are made PRAS. They come to you reduced and ready to use. They can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, for a longer shelf life.

OxyPlates™ can be used for primary isolation of anaerobes in laboratories that choose to replace bags, jars, and chambers. Click here to see several common clinical anaerobes grown on Oxyplates™.

OxyPlates™ can be used for subbing anaerobe isolates from primary plates in all laboratories, regardless of the method used or the source of primary media.  Click here for more information.

Download our easy user guide for OxyPlates™.

The list of microorganisms known to grow in media supplemented with Oxyrase® is always growing and can be found here.

Samples provided to qualified clinical and veterinary laboratories.   


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Schaedler Blood Agar OxyPlates™
(1 individually packaged plate) - 10 plate minimum purchase
OxyPlates(TM) O-SCW-BA
Product Insert
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Kanamycin, Vancomycin, Laked Blood (KVL) OxyPlates™
(1 individually packaged plate) - 10 plate minimum purchase
OxyPlates(TM) O-KVL-BA
Product Insert
X $3.86 Add To Cart
(1 silicone disc)
OxyPlates(TM) O-PAD X $11.48 Add To Cart

Product Insert

Schaedler Blood Agar OxyPlates™ (O-SCW-BA)

Kanamycin, Vancomycin, Laked Blood (KVL) OxyPlates™ (O-KVL-BA)


Schaedler Blood Agar OxyPlates™ SDS

KVL Oxyplates™ SDS

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