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One of the many unique attributes of the Oxyrase Enzyme System® is it's versatility.  Oxyrase has been used in many different applications but one that has become of interest to researchers and cryobiologist of late is the use of Oxyrase to aid in the preservation of microorganisms during d Read More...

Do you struggle to preserve your biological materials?

Oxyrase® Preservation Products utilize the unique benefits of the Oxyrase® technology for an innovative approach to storage and preservation. Depending on your specific storage conditions, equipment, experiment or facility, we offer products designed to store an Read More...

Microbiome or Yours?

 Microbiome work.  Everybody's doing it, but it's not easy.  Learn how Oxyrase, Inc. products make microbiota projects less challenging.Not all microorganisms found in any microbiome are anaerobes, but many are.  Take for instance, the human gut:  one of the hottest fields f Read More...

Preservation Products

    There is a growing need to preserve and store biological specimens. Traditionally, this is accomplished by simple means, depending upon the characteristics and properties of the material being stored. Temperature is a key parameter for storing cells and tissues but typically storag Read More...


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