Do you struggle to preserve your biological materials?

February 6, 2017

Do you struggle to preserve your biological materials?

Oxyrase® Preservation Products utilize the unique benefits of the Oxyrase® technology for an innovative approach to storage and preservation. Depending on your specific storage conditions, equipment, experiment or facility, we offer products designed to store and preserve your bacteria, cells and other biological material. In all cases, the inclusion of the Oxyrase® Enzyme System provides a stable, reduced environment ideal for preservation.  

There is a growing need to preserve and store biological specimens. Traditionally, this is accomplished by simple means, depending upon the characteristics and properties of the material being stored. Temperature is a key parameter for storing cells and tissues.  Typically, storage of these materials involve some form of container (box, tube, etc.) that is kept at room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen.  We believe that our line of Preservation Products offers several unique advantages for the storage and preservation of biological materials.

Our new Preservation Line includes three exciting products:

  • CryoBroth™ has been used by our internal QC and R&D teams for more than a decade to preserve and store our library of microorganisms.  This glycerol containing formulation is optimized for cryopreservation storage conditions (≤ -80°C) 
  • OxyStab™ is an exciting and convenient product, inspired by the need to preserve microorganisms in the laboratory.  This is a solid agar containing the Oxyrase® Enzyme System.  OxyStab™ is ideally used for refrigerated (2-8°C) and room temperature storage. 
  • OxyStasis™ is a revolutionary product that eliminates cell damage during frozen storage, eliminates the need for costly cryo-storage equipment and provides the convenience of preservation under normal freezer conditions (≤ -20°C)


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