Top 10 Things You Should Know About Oxyrase® - Nature's Antioxidant®

August 8, 2016

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Oxyrase®  - Nature's Antioxidant®


                                       Oxyrase, Inc. Top 10


  1. Oxyrase® is an enzyme system that provides a solution for removing dissolved oxygen from liquid, gas or semisolid products. It selectively captures oxygen and with a substrate converts it to water.  Oxyrase is equivalent to a "strong" reducing agent, but unlike chemical antioxidants; Oxyrase, the substrates and reactants are all-natural. 

  2. Oxyrase technology has been in use for almost 30 years. Our products are diverse and serve many industries.  We are privileged to have been cited in more than 1500 research publications and patents. 

  3. Our Microbiology Products are used daily in clinical laboratories to isolate, grow, and identify anaerobe microorganisms that cause infectious disease. Our unique OxyPRAS Plus® media and OxyPlates, increase recovery of injured cells. 

  4. EC-Oxyrase® is used to protect oxygen-sensitive elements in products made by others. Oxyrase extends the shelf-life of these products. 

  5. OxyFluor is used to increase the intensity and longevity of activated fluorescent dyes that are susceptible to quenching by oxygen. This enhances the usefulness of fluorescence for imaging biological processes in live cells. 

  6. We are one of the top OEM/Contract Manufacturers of plated media.  We also have a wide range of bioprocessing capabilities available. 

  7. Oxyrase® is used to protect and preserve biological materials including sperm cells during cryo-storage and we have a new line of revolutionary preservation products

  8. The Oxyrase® Enzyme System is very diverse.  From clinical labs to oil fields.  We are hard at work on a food safe version and it is even being developed to aid in the fight against cancer. You can ask us for more information here

  9. Oxyrase, Inc. provides Exceptional Customer Service.

  10. Order Oxyrase® products direct using our online ordering system or through Thermo-Fisher, Cardinal Health, VWR, SigmaMillipore and several international distributors.  Receive 5% off your first direct online order between now and 12/31/16 by using the code OXYRASE5 at checkout.



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