OxyFluor™ Protects Against Photobleaching in Live Cell Imaging

By Lisa Stewart

May 4, 2018

OxyFluor™ Protects Against Photobleaching in Live Cell Imaging

A recent editorial article by Tamlyn Oliver was published in Biocompare:  Photobleaching in Live Cell Imaging

OxyFluor™ is very popular for live-cell imaging with fluorescent dyes and proteins.  Use OxyFluor™ when you need protection against photo-bleaching in live cells.  The loss of of fluorescence signal due to photo-bleaching may lead to a significant loss of sensitivity for an assay.  The loss in sensitivity is even more pronounced when trying to detect low-abundant or rare targets with a cell or tissue.


  • Inhibits photo-bleaching in live cells
  • Compatible with fluorescent dyes and proteins across the spectrum
  • Extends imaging times in time-lapse experiments
  • Ready to use 100X formulation

Contact us for a copy of an Overview of OxyFluor™ Using OxEA Buffer.To see how others have utilized OxyFluor™:


290 citations for "Oxyrase" and "fluorescence microscopy"

72 citations for "OxyFluor" and "fluorescence microscopy"


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