Interesting Use of the Oxyrase® Enzyme System - #1 (TNT Disposal)

By Hooty Monroe

July 1, 2017

Interesting Use of the Oxyrase® Enzyme System - #1 (TNT Disposal)

From time to time we observe novel and interesting ways that Oxyrase® is used.  Perusing the published literature on Google Scholar one can get lost in the citations for a product like the Oxyrase® Enzyme System.

Did you know that Oxyrase® was used to dispose of TNT?  

It sure was.  In the late 90's a series of experiments was conducted looking at using enzymes to degrade and dispose of the explosive Trinitrotoluene or more specifically, 2,4,6-trinitrotolune, better known as "TNT".  You can download the published findings of the project here:

Enzymes for Degradation of Energetic Materials and Demilitarization of Explosives Stockpiles - SERDP Final Report, 9/00


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