Quantitative Recovery in a Standard Freezer? Genius!

By Christie Carroll

May 15, 2017

Quantitative Recovery in a Standard Freezer?  Genius!


We're offering a new revolutionary product designed to preserve and protect your biological material.  The Oxyrase® Enzyme System provides a stable, reduced environment ideal for preservation.

OxyStasis­™ eliminates cell damage during the freeze-thaw process because it never freezes, eliminates the need for costly cryo-storage equipment and provides the convenience of preservation under normal freezer conditions (-20° C).

We expect OxyStasis™ will provide these same advantages to cell types other than microorganisms which is the basis for the OxyStasis™ Challenge.  We developed a campaign to challenge researchers working with biological materials other than microbes to try OxyStasis™ and to submit a one page report to us in return for free Oxyrase® products.  We hope to build a useful library of uses for OxyStasis™.

To find out more and take the OxyStasis™ Challenge  click here


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