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AntiOxidant Products for Anaerobic Bacterial Media

The Oxyrase® Enzyme System is a biocatalytic oxygen-reducing agent. It removes dissolved oxygen from aqueous, gaseous, and semisolid environments. The Oxyrase® Enzyme System is equivalent to a 'strong' reducing agent, yet it, the substrates, and reactants are natural products. Oxyrase® works efficiently over a wide range of pH and temperature.

See Google Scholar to discover the number of ways that Oxyrase® has been used. For example, OxyrFluor™ is used to prevent photo-bleaching of some fluorescent dyes. OxyFluor™ also protects cells and their components from photo damage during excitation of the fluorescent dye.

The Oxyrase® Enzyme System is used by other companies to protect their products from oxidation. We can help you develop your application.